Chairman – John Day

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Born in Derbyshire my intial interest at the age of 5-6 years old was the production of plasticine models of assorted colours and designs.
By the time I was 8 years old my Father took an interest in helping me build my first rubber powered Spitfire from sheets of balsa sheet and tissue… to my delight it flew the length of the local park. From that time on I was hooked.
In early teens I purchased a few small diesel engines and flew control line, however my heart was not in something that just flew round and round.
At that time single channel radio was expensive and hit and miss so I had little success until I managed to obtain a multi-channel proportional set which although basic was acceptable.
I eventually took to flying gliders on the slope (plenty in Derbyshire) and with practice greatly reduced the broken model attrition rate.
Now flying both power and glider I passed my A & B achievement tests. After a short break I resumed with programmable radios and ARTF’s, currently flying anything from small electric to 30cc powered aircraft together with slope soarers. Recently I have taken to flying shocky indoor models and am working on my F3P C schedule.
I am a member of several local clubs as well as being treasurer of Alport MAC and Rolls Royce Model Flying Club Derby. I have been a member of the Midland Area Committee for many years , currently serving as chairman.