Agenda for the Midland Area AGM 2019

Midland Area bussy as bees

(1) This agenda is circulated to all Midland Area Club Secretaries/contacts from 11.12.2019 All clubs are requested to propose or support any issues relating to Area Business by 31st December,2019. Such contacts to be made to Area Secretary, Midland Area, Alf Tunnicliffe Millfield Cottage, 11 Main Road, Toynton All Saints, Spilsby Lincs PE23 5AE. or E/Mail

(2) In July, 2019 at our meeting at Buckminster we resolved to look towards re-instating our Festival of Flight at Barkston by Mid June, 2020
Comprehensive discussions with the Committee of Grantham & DMAC were carried out but with the best will in the world our proposals were unattainable as Grantham had suffered issues from other organisations which caused friction with the RAF which could put into jeopardy the future use of this amenity. It was not thought fair that additional problems should be heaped on to this club who gave us a very good hearing. It was felt that Area should continue to explore alternative venues with lower volume of activities. but for specific events.

(3) Committee: The Current Committee is as follows:
Chair Neil Byrne Deputy Chair John Day Treasurer Alf Tunnicliffe Secretary Alf Tunnicliffe ASC Steve Mason Area Delegate Steve Mason
IT/Co-ordinator Chris Anderson
Would all club members in the Midland Area examine whether they could at this time offer their particular skills in the service of fellow members and the organisation of the Midland Area Committee from Jan.2020 onwards. All posts are up for renewal. All offers should be made in the first instance to Area Sec (see above)

(4) Due to the intervention of medical problems Area Sec is late this year in providing AGM details therefore would all contributors to our decision process continue with proposals until 31st December 2019 which will then allow sufficient time to review the trend and broadcast the results by 15th January, 2020 thus allowing clubs to formulate replies after the Christmas Holidays.

(5) Achievement Scheme:
ASC Steve Mason has prepared a list of people which may be considered as suitable to serve a Chief Examiners for 2020,
These are as follows: S.Mason P.Morris C Wilkinson J Sidsaff N Taylor B Young P Dare B Binley T.Moore J.Bridgett Richard Eaton Adrian Clarke C. Anderson.
If there are no objections to this listing the Committee reserve the right to ratify them for service for the forthcoming year.

(6 Treasurer’s Report: The ongoing current balance as at 1st December 2019 is £9,945.57, account details will be finalised 31.12.2019

(7) Area Events It is proposed that an Area Fly-in and Area Meeting be organised as in 2019 but in mid 2020. To be finalised.

(8) Midland Area Information: All clubs are requested to keep up to date with Area Website and post club information/event details
via area Website ( bmfamid ) or contact Chris Anderson.

(9) Would area club secretaries/contacts please inform us, for discussion, any particular aspects of our hobby/sport which they feel should be aired at area level. After Brexit we should be invigorated with undying enthusiasm for our respective futures……….

(10 Please respond to this e/mail to Area Secretary, Alf Tunnicliffe Millfield Cottage, 11 Main Road, Toynton All Saints, Spilsby, Lincs PE23 5AE or alfread or 01790 755552… enable me to correlate your replies for voting and decision making for the forthcoming year.
Alf Tunnicliffe Midland Area Secretary