Midland Area AGM 3rd November 2018

Midland Area bussy as bees



(1)     A reminder agenda and area report was circulated to area club Chairman, Club       Secretaries and Club delegates on 12th                    November, 2018.

(2)     On 21st November a letter was circulated to Midland Area existing Committee         Members to ascertain, unless otherwise                  decided, whether they

would be in a position to serve on the committee for another year.

(3)     Achievement Scheme:   A report attached to these minutes has been received from                       Steve Mason, our ASC                           confirming a list

of 9 chief examiners for ratification.   List examined and approved.

(4)     As at 30th November 2018 no comments have been received from Area Clubs       containing comments or proposals for                       discussion at AGM

Should any points be raised in the future, they will be considered by Committee as   appropriate.

(5)     Accordingly, by mutual discussion and agreement between existing Committee Members it was unanimously decided that the            new committee

should be composed as follows:

Chair.....                                         Neil Byrne

Vice Chair.....                                John Day

Secretary....                                   Alf Tunnicliffe

Treasurer                                      Alf Tunnicliffe

PRO...                                            Marian Ainsworth

Education Co-ordinator......     Colin Bernard

ASC .......                                       Steve Mason

Midland Area Delegate.....        Steve Mason

Website.............                         Chris Anderson

Area Auditor retained as         Mrs R Machin.


(6)     All members offering to serve are thanked for their past and future efforts as we

welcome a new member (Colin Bernard) to our committee and

thanks Neil, John and Marion for taking up new positions for this coming year.

(7)     Things to do for 2019.........

(a)      A date of Sunday, 14th July 2019 has been booked for our PRE-AGM MEETING AND AREA FLY-IN AT BUCKMINSTER.                   Event details to follow

(b)    Following the dire situation with regard to our accident record with our insurers and its potential effect on our premiums we              are looking to organise a FLIGHT SAFETY SEMINAR  highlighting the need for clubs to take on a more responsible attitude              to field and flight  safety.   Details of date and venue to follow

(c)    We will , as a matter of course, continue with our area policy of supporting clubs arranging public displays where the emphasis           is on the existence and work of the BMFA.  Each case sorted on merit.                                                                                                   (d)    Our Area Committee members are always available to pass on the benefit of our local expertise to clubs in need.

If we don't know immediately...we will find out....

Initially contact Area Sec on 01790 755552 or alfread940@btinternet.com.

(8)      No other business;

Date for next on line 2019 AGM to be agreed at a later date.


Area Secretary:      Alf Tunnicliffe  No.  S 089853