Midland Area Clubs Meeting 18th July 2018

Midland Area Committee Picture Eric Clark




18th July 2018


The object of this meeting was to gibe Midland Area Club Committee members the opportunity of visiting this site, have a constructive Area Meeting and meet Midland Area Committee members face to face we needed a practical discussion to see how we can develop Midland Area for the forthcoming future to the benefit of our membership...

The event was attended by over 38 members from 17 clubs, most of them availing themselves of the excellent weather and facilities.

Clubs represented

Alcester Helicopter Club

Blue Sky Aeromodlers

Birmingham Model Aero Club

Darley Moor MAC

East Kirkby MFC

Grantham & Dist. MAS

Heanor & Dist., MAC

Lincoln Aeromodellers

Loughborough MFC

Melton & Dist MC

Newark Indoor Flying Club

Osbournby Flyers

Retford MFC

Rolls Royce ()Hucknall MAC

Scampton MFC

South Birmingham MFC

The General Meeting was called for 12 noon with Alf Tunnicliffe, Secretary/Treasurer in the chair with other Committee Members present.

After an initial introduction, Alf gave a brief history of our past activities, events and its evolvement of up to date means of communicating to membership at a time when electronic communications became the increasing norm.

Areas and Full Council representatives supported us in being the first area to adopt on line meetings in view of the abysmal attendance of club representatives

When meetings were held in the evenings at Chacksfield House.  As always, our area endeavoured to give prompt service to our BMFA Club membership Via the then E Mail System.

Alf emphasised the work put in by the BMFA management and Area and Full Council Members to ensure progressive growth, part of which being

The conception and building of this wonderful site at Buckminster which must be supported as much as possible to ensure its viability.

An open discussion followed with various points raised by members present which boiled down to the need for our Area to re-examine in some detail our communications and systems to ensure instantaneous presentation of information of all aspects of business....of voting.....and a system with the means of providing a listed 'eyes only' page for the means of dealing with sensitive issues or items not necessary to be circulated to all members.

Andy Symons was tasked to investigate the most practical and acceptable means of on line systems to give the greatest flexibility without swamping the system with meaningless comments or blogs.

Andy dealt with certain issues relating to flying height and air safety developments with CAA.

Finally Area Sec suggested that all club members present should go back to their individual clubs firstly to impress upon them the benefits of a visit to Buckminster but to discuss among themselves any serious issues they might need to be aired as to the future organising structure of Midland Area.

An initial suggestion was brought forward suggesting that this area hold a Pre-Annual General Meeting at Buckminster along the lines of today, say in September when travel and weather is more acceptable to provide committee with a realistic, up to date, and practical list of proposals which could then be examined and aired at the BMFA AGM proper later that year... (Nov?)

Very many thanks to all who took the time to attend this meeting which proved very constructive for our future.


Alf Tunnicliffe   Secretary/Treasurer Midland Area BMFA 2018

18 Clubs represented at the area meeting

Raffle prizes

John Ashby prior to the maiden flight of Peggy Sue Picture Eric Clark

Pete Stoves with great Planes EVO F1 Rockets with a 82 FS Saito up front Picture Eric Clark