MP visits Blue Sky Model Club

Members and their models

MP listens to the members issues

Lee has a go with the club trainer


Over the last 6 months an email conversation has been running between Colin Bernard, (Secretary of Blue Sky Aeromodellers), and Lee Rowley, (MP for North East Derbyshire), on the subject of the introduction of the new EASA and DfT regulations and their potential detrimental effects on aeromodelling.

As a result at the beginning of July, Lee accepted a long standing invitation to visit the club at their flying field and discuss the concerns in detail, with the aim of giving Lee a good insight to the hobby so should a vote be required then he would be better informed.

A number of members turned up bringing a large variety of models including a thermal soarer with altimeter to demonstrate just how low 400’ is!

Lee took great interest in all the models and took on board our concerns and finished the visit by having a go on the club trainer.

We are grateful to Lee for sparing the time, especially considering that prior to visiting the club he had already completed a 10K fun run and visited a local village fete!

Also thanks to the members who turned up bringing a large selection of models.