New Training Aircraft

Retford MFC were lucky enough to receive a training aircraft in 2007 as the club did not have a club trainer. The Wots Wot saw great service with over 200flying hours,  many new to model flying were given  a hands on  experience which saw new members gained for the club and BMFA. Even though the plane was not in pristine condition it still flew well the only modification required  was to fit 2 Futaba wing servos to stop aileron flutter in dire situations.

On the 27th November last year (2014) RMFC suffered a break in at their club house, the aircraft and radio gear were part of what was stolen. After reporting the loss to the area an offer of replacing the engine and airframe was tabled with RMFC replacing the radio gear. The new trainer was built by RMFC on the 12th July.

The new aircraft has both RMFC and Midland area logos making it dual purpose as a trainer and static model display at shows around  the area.

The  new trainer was presented to  RMFC chairman Steve Dunning  by Marian Ainsworth (Midland area education co-ordinator) with Simon Codd RMFC training officer