Online Achievement Scheme Quizzes

The Midland area were the first to make an online quiz for those interested in taking the BMFA Achievement Scheme tests.

The BMFA Achievement Scheme Review committee (ASRC) created a dedicated BMFA Achievement Scheme website in 2016 which also contained some quizzes for those wishing to take the tests, these quizzes incorporated many of the questions from our original quiz and added further questions too.

These quizzes are based on the type of questions you may be asked when being assessed for the various Achievement scheme tests and are simply an aid to help you prepare for taking the tests.

For each quiz, questions will be selected at random from the bank of available questions. We will be adding to the question bank over time so do keep checking back to try again.

Please remember that your examiner  will not be giving you multiple choice questions and may ask questions that do not appear in this quiz. The only exception to this is the mandatory questions where during your test you will be asked 5 questions from the fixed list of 20 that you can view here.

If you are a  BMFA Club Examiner or Area Chief Examiner and would like to submit questions to add to the question bank we will welcome your submissions, please email for further details.

Click here to visit the Achievement Scheme Website and have a go at the quizzes.